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Kinesiology is a non invasive and effective holistic health modality that uses the gentle art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person’s well being, including imbalances in their physical and energetic bodies. The kinesiologist then uses several different techniques including massaging acupuncture and meridian points, discussing/releasing underlying emotions and using crystals and flower essences and age recession to balance the body’s energies and trigger the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Hyperton-X is a Kinesiology Method which tests for and corrects imbalanced muscles, helping muscles function better and become stronger and the person become more flexible, relaxed and able to use their body in an integrated way.

Hyperton-X is beneficial for pain relief, increasing muscle strength and flexibility, improved posture and sports performance, release of physical and emotional trauma, stress reduction and assistance with dyslexia and learning difficulties.

What can I expect from a session?

A comprehensive history is taken on the first session, covering past and present illnesses, traumas and stress factors to get a full view of your current physical, mental and emotional environment. We will also explore your goals for the session and what you'd like to achieve. This could be anything from pain reduction to a desire to overcome current emotional stress or better understanding of self and life direction. Sessions are guided by the body’s needs so each client’s experience is unique to their circumstances. Clients report feeling lighter and more grounded with improved perspective and clarity and understanding of their circumstances, increased comfort in their body and renewed sense of joy, hope and motivation. A minimum of three sessions is recommended for lasting, meaningful change although clients have reported incredible transformations after initial session.

About Zena

I spent many years in high stress positions in the corporate and non for profit sectors, before being introduced to this wonderful modality in 2012, when unwell with Chronic Fatigue, unexplained hair loss, depression and anxiety, weight gain and overall lack of vital life energy. I worked with a wonderful Kinesiologist who helped explore underlaying causes of my dis-ease, clearing decades of unprocessed emotional and physical stress. Through our work, I gained a better understanding of myself and my values helping me establish my physical, emotional, mental and energetic boundaries and feel more grounded. During that time, I gained the courage to acknowledge and accept my own psychic and mediumship abilities which cemented my decision to study Kinesiology to use these skills to help others achieve their highest potential. Guided by muscle testing, I also intuitively “read” your energy and being to identify often hidden root causes of a dis-ease or blockages and assist with bringing your awareness to them to help with clearing.


> 90 min Initial Kinesiology Consultation - $150
> 60 min Kinesiology session - $120
> 90 min Hyperton-X session - $150

Payment Methods

> Cash
> Bank Transfer

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