With Phillipa Huynh

When you don’t listen to what your body is telling you, the messages get progressively louder and louder until you find yourself with emotional and physical imbalances or symptoms. Kinesiology is the practice of clearing your unique energy blockages to treat the source of issues, not just the symptoms. By clearing these blockages, kinesiology unlocks the potential for your body, mind and spirit to heal and grow with the innate ability that is already within.

What can I expect from a session?

A kinesiology session typically involves discussing your history and forming a specific goal for you to work towards. You will lie down on a massage table and muscles will be used to get feedback from your body. Just like a circuit, if there is a stress in any system, the circuit is not complete and can’t work effectively. Using this feedback, Phillipa can find energy blockages such as self sabotages, emotional issues or weak meridians, organs or muscles so we can explore and clear them.

Kinesiology uses a number of remedies to clear these blockages, including meridian clearing, flower essences, visualisation, reiki, nutritional alignment, emotional stress release, aromatherapy – the list goes on. But most importantly, a kinesiology treatment is unique to what you require in the given moment.

Some people find they feel lighter and clearer immediately after a consultation whereas others report feeling changes gradually after a number of days. As each of us is unique, no two people will experience the shift of energy in the same way. Once you do feel this shift, you will be hooked and ready to face the world head-on!

About Phillipa

Phillipa’s life changed when her mother was diagnosed with late stage melanoma. As new mum working in the corporate world, her perspective changed almost instantly. She began transforming her life, beginning with slowing down and appreciating life and resulting in a career change into kinesiology.

Since then, it has been a journey to process the passing of her mother, finding true balance with less stress, more reflection and listening to her inner guidance.  This has resulted in her exceptional desire and ability to help people deal with the tremendous stress and overwhelm that life can bring with it.

Many of Phillipa’s clients are overwhelmed with life itself. With too much going on and too little time for themselves, people can find themselves with short and long-term health issues caused by chronic stress. By learning to change perspective by slowing down, exploring and waking up to the process of life, clients find clearer purpose and deeper meaning in their lives.

Phillipa also treats a special group of people who have been touched by terminal illness. Be it the sufferers of cancer, the carers of sufferers or those who feel swallowed up in their grief (before or) after their loved one has passed. Phillipa delicately holds the space for these people and invites them to begin exploring a new day when the time is right.

Phillipa is qualified with an International Diploma of Kinesiology and is registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association.


> $100 ($90 concession) for 60 minute kinesiology consultation
> Discounts apply for booking 3 or more sessions up front, see packages for details at

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