10 Week Courses

Beginner Yoga Courses ‘foundation training’

Are you new to yoga & don't know where to start? Our 10 week Beginner Yoga Course is an excellent foundation course for students new to yoga, aimed at all ages, levels of flexibility & abilities. In a comprehensive systematic method you will learn the basic fundamentals of yoga postures including technical alignment, benefits of the poses, breathing, basic yoga philosophy and its applications to daily life. This is a supportive and encouraging learning environment and is highly recommended as an introductory start to yoga before attending casual classes.

Starts Monday 28th January 2019
8pm - 9:30pm $250/230 conc.

Starts Thursday 31st January 2019
6pm - 7:30pm $250/230 conc.

Amrit Yoga Courses ‘meditation in motion’

Amrit Yoga Course with Julie Gargano is a platform for deep transformation. Each class begins by exploring yogic philosophy uncovering areas of unconscious patterns, followed by the experience of uniting as a purposeful group in meditation in motion. The deeper & subtler inner dimensions of yoga are revealed as shifts in consciousness & healing are experienced. Witness consciousness is used as a primary tool to experience the rich tapestry of sensations in your body which progressively guide you deeper to states of absorbing inner stillness. Here the entrapments of mind lose their power and the space of Being arises as a pure potential. This sublime prana (energy) based practice is grounded by dynamic postures, breath work & consciousness, merging form & formless.

Starts Tuesday 29th January 2019 6pm - 7:45pm $270/250 conc.

Prenatal Yoga Course 'nurturing the seed'

Yoga during pregnancy creates space for women to embrace the changes in their bodies and in their lives during this special creative time. Yoga helps women discover a balance of strength and surrender in body, mind, heart and spirit and this is great preparation for childbirth and mothering. A holistic practice of postures, flowing movement, deep relaxation, breathing and meditation, suitable for all levels of experience.

Starts Saturday 2nd February 2019
8.45am - 10:00am $250/230 conc.