Yoga is to honour the body, mind, heart and spirit, always living in the presence of our True Self “ -Julie Gargano

Prana House’s dedicated team of professional experienced yoga teachers, bring years of training & commitment to yoga. With each recognising that the true path of yoga serves not just the physical, but the inner dimension of life where deep transformation takes place. Each of our yoga teachers contribute their unique approach in style, flair & talents. We recommend you explore the variety of styles & teachers we offer to find the best suited to your individual needs. Although styles may vary from teacher to teacher, an essential underlying commitment to the essence and spirit of yoga is present in each one.

Prana House is the home of Amrit Yoga Australia and Pranaa Yoga Australia. Our signature style is based on ‘meditation in motion’ also known as ‘the posture of consciousness’. We are recognised as leaders in quality teachings including yoga teacher trainings offering; Amrit Yoga Teacher Training, Prana House Yoga Teacher Training & Integrative Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Teacher Training USA.

Please visit our Bookings page to access our casual yoga class pricing options. For more information, please visit our 10-Week Yoga courses page.