Zena Hosseini


“I spent many years in high stress positions in the corporate and non for profit sectors, before being introduced to this wonderful modality in 2012, when unwell with Chronic Fatigue, unexplained hair loss, depression and anxiety, weight gain and overall lack of vital life energy.

I worked with a wonderful Kinesiologist who helped explore underlaying causes of my dis-ease, clearing decades of unprocessed emotional and physical stress. Through our work, I gained a better understanding of myself and my values helping me establish my physical, emotional, mental and energetic boundaries and feel more grounded.

During that time, I gained the courage to acknowledge and accept my own psychic and mediumship abilities which cemented my decision to study Kinesiology to use these skills to help others achieve their highest potential.

Guided by muscle testing, I also intuitively “read” your energy and being to identify often hidden root causes of a dis-ease or blockages and assist with bringing your awareness to them to help with clearing.”

To find out more about Zena’s offering at Prana House, see Kinesiology.