the light of wellness

Prana House is committed to providing high quality complimentary therapies to support the growing need in the community for effective holistic treatment. With a myriad of natural therapies available today, Prana House endeavours to make the choice easier by offering a selection of the most effective modalities, which individually and collectively address the whole person.

Each of these therapies recognises that to truly heal one must treat the cause of the condition, not merely the symptoms, thus creating an opportunity for lasting results. Our practitioners recognise the uniqueness of each individual and they work together wherever possible to create the best treatment option for their clients.

We offer a diverse range of modalities with qualified experienced excellent staff. Bookings are made directly with the practitioner.

Wellness Menu
Access Bars with Julie Gargano
Bowen Therapy with Caroline
Cupping with Michael
Kinesiology with Zena
Naturopathy with Caroline
Pranic Healing with Julie
Precious Beauty with Georgina
Remedial Massage with Dominique
Relationship Coaching with Matt
Reiki with Grace Spina
Reiki & Guided Healing with Roberta & Monica
The Unity Method with Julie