How Trauma Affects The Body and How Yoga Can Help

Yoga’s multi-dimensional approach can be a powerful tool for healing trauma and there is growing scientific research to support this. Yoga helps us to reconnect with our body, which is an essential part of the healing process for… Read More


Amrit Yoga Teacher Training at Prana House

Our Amrit Yoga Teacher Training begins September 26th, and we wanted to share with you why we think it’s so special (to say the least!) What is Amrit Yoga? To put it simply, Amrit Yoga is Meditation in Motion; a… Read More


Julie Gargano – New to yoga? Where to begin?

Julie Gargano is the original founding director of Prana House, creator of Pranaa Yoga, pioneer of Amrit Yoga & Amrit Method Yoga Nidra in Australia (USA), director & principle teacher trainer of Prana House Yoga Teacher Training, Level 3… Read More