Your Mind Your Choice

Some humans seem to always be searching for answers. Deep, spiritual and meaningful answers to fundamental and life-defining questions. The search for these answers takes us on a journey to find ourselves, to understand ourselves and ultimately to… Read More

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Self Care Through Ayurveda

How do you welcome yourself into the day? What habits do you have to keep your body and mind nourished and nurtured? Before diving into the ocean of Ayurveda, I hadn’t given these questions much thought at all…. Read More


Elusive Sleep

There’s so many people out there struggling with their sleep each and every night. And I’m not talking about parents of babies, toddlers or young children (though no doubt they would love a full night of sleep, but their… Read More

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Tense? It’s all in the Fascia…

Finding constant tension in your body? It’s all in the Fascia! What is Fascia and how do we release it? Do you find yourself sitting at your desk with a stiff neck, or feeling unusually tight after a… Read More


Detox or Not Tox?

Image via Recently I read about some research that found “fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different hormones”. And I couldn’t help but laugh to… Read More


Winter Wellness Outside the Kitchen

The changing of seasons is not just about weather, and soup versus salads… it is about changing perspectives, and nurturing (or hibernating) certain aspects of our lives. Spring is about embarking on new adventures; look around you in the springtime and see… Read More

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5 Key Elements for Self Care This Winter

As the weather becomes colder our nutritional requirements, energy and mood may naturally change with the season. If you dread the winter months, the following tips may help you adapt and embrace the opportunities. 1. Eat Seasonally As… Read More