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With Tess Nobile

Change Leadership and Resilience Coach and Mentor

Specialising in Self-Awareness, Self-Leadership and Self-Regulation. Emotional and Social Intelligence Author and Speaker.


“It's not hard to say no. It's hard to say it right. At the right time. For the right reason. Harder still to keep saying it, especially when we live in a world of yes. A tyranny of yes. Yes to family. Yes to friends. Yes to terms. Yes to conditions. Yes to work. Yes to play. Yes to a life of yes, yes, and yes, please. But there is another life. An uncertain life. It sings a song to no. Of no. For no. Not just any no, however. A no for not now. Not yet. And not only.“ ~ Eric Jarosinski

IQ and technical skills are important, but emotional and social intelligence is the sine qua non of the 21st century. The future won’t be about what you know; it’s going to be about who you are. The central tenets of what’s going to be successful in the future: how can I create a compelling argument; how can I convey; how can I engage; my comfort with who I am; my level of engagement with others; my curiosity; my creativity; my empathy; my ability to soothe myself through a fast changing world of: volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

There is currently a constant bombardment of social stimulation and most people are not taught how to cope with it. The expectations placed on us by others and ourselves negates the possibility to psychologically recharge in relative solitude, something that is crucial for our resilience and self-leadership.

From the science of learning, what we know is that one of the profound, quickest, and most lasting ways for someone to make a change is to have their own insight. With this in mind, and using 20 years of various therapies, models, theories and programs, I create a space for emotional and cognitive development; helping you be ready for what’s ready in your life.


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Tess' book on “FoMO” (Fear of Missing Out) will be launched in October 2016.