Remedial Massage With Loren



About Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a wide range of soft-tissue manipulation techniques including myo-fascial release, trigger-point therapy, lymphatic drainage, joint mobilisation, active-release technique, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, taping... the list goes on. The therapist will consult with and assess you, discuss treatment goals and design a treatment (or series of treatments) to best match your needs. Each treatment may use a range of techniques blended seamlessly to reduce pain and tension while increasing function and well being. 
Remedial Massage can assist in the treatment of many different conditions including acute injury, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and headaches. It can also be helpful as support for improving posture, pregnancy, mental health and physical training.  It isn't magic, but it is quite handy (pun intended) and every body (yep, sorry) can gain some benefit from massage. 


About Loren

Loren is a passionate problem solving therapist who believes massage is about far more than the out-dated ‘deep tissue’ ‘no pain no gain’, ‘massage therapist are all secret sadists’ approach. Her fresh approach is tailored, whole person, and driven by curiosity. Clients comment frequently that they have never had a massage quite like hers before. She uses a range of cutting edge and classic remedial techniques with a few relaxing spa treats to get great results and help clients feel better, cared for and more relaxed. She has experience with a breadth of conditions, but has developed particular interest in postural correction, headache management and jaw problems.
Loren is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist (Diploma, Southern School of Natural Therapy), a proud member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia and is registered with all the major health insurance funds.


60 mins: $100

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