Pranic Healing

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With Julie Gargano

Pranic Healing is a highly effective no-touch form of energy healing which is thorough and systematic with repeatable results from scientifically researched and validated techniques.

Pranic Healing can be applied in treating all kinds of ailments and conditions including physical injuries and illness, emotional imbalances, stress, depression, addictions, lack of mental clarity, negative patterns, spiritual blocks and disconnection from one’s soul.

The patient’s energy field (also known as the etheric body or bioplasmic body) interpenetrates and nourishes the physical body and all the other subtle energy bodies. This in turn is powerful at influencing and correcting ailments by firstly cleansing away blockages and imbalances held in the energy field and chakras (major and semi major energy centres or acupuncture points) and then by projecting fresh healing energy to both the chakras and the affected area. Healing can be accelerated up to 3 times or more with results often seemingly miraculous. Within minutes of treatment most people feel deeply relaxed and peaceful.

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