Prana House Yoga Teacher Training 2017

7 Day Intensive - 24 July - 30 July 2017
Weekend Intensives - from August 2017 to May 2018


About Pranaa Yoga

The Prana House Yoga Teacher Training Course is based on Pranaa Yoga, founded and created by Julie Gargano.

Pranaa Yoga is the culmination of Julie’s 20 plus years of dedicated, in-depth study & practice of yoga, meditation, energy-healing and self-inquiry. It strives to provide a seamless balance between dynamic, powerful and detailed posture work, meditative awareness and energetic connection. This makes space for states of deeply absorbing inner stillness. Pranaa Yoga is holistic in its approach to body movement, incorporating  posture work that is slow and detailed, along with movement that is smooth, fluid, and dynamic. The underpinning component is the consciousness that meets each pose, regardless of the form practised. Movement becomes a meditative flow, anchored by breath, consciousness and energy. There is a purposeful focus, bringing ease and grace, breath and energy, form and formlessness, together. Each practice begins with opening meditation, chanting and connection, creating a clear intention for the many layers of the self to unfold throughout the practice.

About the Course

Prana House Yoga Teacher Training with Julie Gargano and staff offers inspirational, professional & comprehensive tuition in Pranaa Yoga. This training is offered as a Certificate of Yoga Teaching & held over the duration of 12 months part time and inclusive of 350 hours. Prana House Yoga Teacher Training Course explores Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Pranaa Yoga, Amrit Yoga, Methodology & Philosophy, Anatomy & Physiology, thorough Teaching Methodologies, Integrative Practice & Teaching, Yogic Philosophy based on Pantajali's 8-Limbed Yoga, Yogic Physiology, Energy Medicine & Alignment, Self Management, developing a Personal Practice, Business Management, First Aid and powerful tools for personal transformation.

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