Pia Morley

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Pia Morley has been a dancer and performing artist for more than 30 years. She holds diplomas in both Counselling and Holistic Kinesiology and has studied Body Mind Centering in Germany and the USA, trained as a Doula and been a practitioner of yoga for 19 years. She has taught and choreographed on and off since she was 16, trained full time at the VCA in Dance and has an extensive dance, movement and martial arts repetoire. Pia has a former career as a professional performer (Film, TV, Voice-Overs, Musical Theatre) and was singing, dancing and acting since the age of 6. Her early and total immersion in the ‘showbiz’ industry eventually catalysed a sincere longing to cultivate a more personally fulfilling ‘inner life’ and pursue an alternative path that was more aligned with her values of wholeness, authenticity, integrity and connection. These principles inspire her to evolve and become a more integrated person and she is passionate about assisting others to do the same.