Oil Cleansing to Beat Winter Dryness

Oil cleansing has been around for thousands of years, originating from Middle
Eastern countries and Eastern Europe. In times gone by, a few drops of pure olive oil
was applied with wet face cloth then gently wiped on the face/body to wash the skin
from dust and other impurities.
These days, dermatologists are catching up to this old way of cleansing the skin, not
because it’s just a new beauty craze – there is scientific evidence to back up these
positive benefits. Compared to expensive cosmetics, oils are affordable, easy to apply
and harbour less nasty chemicals. It is ideal for acne, sensitive skin, eczema and many
other skin ailments. The oil provides hydration which repels dry skin and
Our skin hosts both good and bad bacteria. Which type is currently dominating the
skin culture will determine whether there is acne or other blemishes. The good news
is that using quality oil, like the organic varieties available at reputable health food
stores, will feed the good bacteria on the skin to help protect it and assist any repair if
necessary. Rancid oil does the opposite and thus causes break outs and assists the
baddies. Toxic skin products are also known to impact the health of the skin in this
Organic oils to consider washing with:
Jojoba oil – ideal for clogged pores, acne and sensitive skin that’s prone to eczema,
perfect for sealing in moisture
Rosehip oil – with high levels of Vitamin C and fatty acids, it is antimicrobial, ideal
for mature skin and allows wrinkles to relax.
Both contain Vitamin E that is the most important for the skin structure.
How to use: Dispense a small amount of your chosen oil – perhaps 1 -3 drops per
application – with a wet cloth, apply in gentle circular motion over the face including
the ears, then reapply as needed. That’s it.
Oils to be wary of:
Coconut oil – some people don’t react very well to it, so use a very small amount to
do a patch test if you decide to give it a go.
Olive oil – the quality is questionable in Australia, unless you know it is 100%

Self care body massage:

If you want to help your whole body to beat dry skin, increase blood circulation and
invigorate your energy levels, then why not try warming organic black sesame oil?
Prior to giving yourself a body massage, starting from your feet all the way to the top
of your head including your hair – ranging from circular pressure along any area
where you may be holding onto tension. Take your time.
Leave it on and slowly melt into a warm bath to let it sink into the skin, or rinse it off
in the shower after 5-10 minutes. Be warned: it can get messy and slippery, so be sure
to use some old towels in the process and take care when entering the shower.
Your skin will feel soft and hydrated afterwards and your muscles relaxed, perfect for
a self care pamper. If you wish to go the extra mile, then use an exfoliating mitt on the
body alone after wards but it’s not essential. Repeat once a week or as you feel guided to.
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