Naturopathy with Erika



With Erika Wiseman

(BHSc, Naturopathy, Cert IV in Fitness)
Member: National Herbalists Association of Australia, Fitness Australia


About naturopathy

Naturopathy combines traditional healing methods with scientifically validated modern approaches and is one of the most widely used systems of health worldwide.

Naturopathy focuses on herbal and nutritional medicine, and dietary and lifestyle approaches as the main form of treatment. Some practitioners also choose to incorporate iridology, flower essences, homoeopathy and energetic healing, to create the best approach for the individual.

Natural therapies are safe and effective, encouraging the body’s natural ability to heal itself. There is a strong focus on treating the cause of disease to achieve healing, as well as on preventative approaches to maintain health. Naturopaths treat their clients as individuals, designing personalised treatment approaches, while providing education on the best ways to achieve ongoing health and vitality.

About Erika

Erika has over a decade of experience holding private naturopathic consultations, and now lectures and supervises naturopathic students in clinic, and strongly believes teaching is a fantastic learning experience.

Erika is currently completing post-graduate studies in Public Health, and applies her knowledge working in community health, presenting nutrition and cooking workshops for patients on mental health programs, as well as volunteering as a naturopath for community clients who are unable to access private services for a range of socio-economic reasons.

What is unique about Erika’s services?

Although she enjoys treating all aspects of health, Erika’s current studies and background have allowed her to now focus on her what she feels most passionate about.

Erika most enjoys working with clients experiencing emotional disorders and high stress levels. Having struggled with anxiety herself, Erika has a personal understanding of how good nutrition and natural remedies can improve mood and reduce related digestive disturbances.

Erika has a particular interest in working with food intolerances. Having personal challenges there, she can empathise the impact this has both socially and physically, so can offer educational and practical tips as well as an understanding ear.

Erika is also a qualified personal trainer, experienced in running corporate weight loss programs. As a naturopath, her knowledge of disease helps assess why some people struggle to lose weight no matter what they do. This allows for a naturopathic approach to treating the cause, thereby improving the outcome of exercise.

Erika has a background in using Reiki within some stress management treatments, for clients who request to combine energetic healing alongside more scientific modalities.

What you can expect from a session with Erika

Your first naturopathic consultation will cover:
> Personal medical history
> Discussion of personal health goals
> Review of your current diet and lifestyle
> Iridology, tongue and nail analysis

You’ll leave your consultation with written personalised tips and a summary of your goals, as well as appropriate recipes and fact sheet s to get you started straight away. ASAP you will be emailed your own personal dietary guidelines.

Erika will also explain the changes you can hope to see from treatment, plus outline an intended treatment plan. This will provide an idea of how long treatment will take, as well costs involved.

Nutrition Package Programs

‘Food for Mood”

Nutrition for managing stress and emotional regulation. Learn about nutrients that improve mood and how diet can contribute to stress and anxiety. You’ll receive recipes that are quick and easy to make, and lifestyle tips to allow you to create a healthier diet with less effort.

Weight Management Programs”

Individual weight loss programs that teach you about why we make certain food choices. This program aims to improve your relationship with food, and empower you to make choices that you’ll feel good about. Rather than programs that just restrict your intake, you will receive lots of recipes for healthy treats and meals, leaving some love in your diet.


> Initial Naturopathic Consult (75 mins) – $115
> Subsequent Naturopathic Consult (45 mins) – $80
> Dietary & Exercise Plan & Program(45 mins) – $90
> Dietary Review * (20 mins) – $35

*Regular clients only
(Concession rates and private health rebates available)

Special Offers

> Offer 1: Book 3 appointments at once to receive 10% off
> Offer 2: Book 5 appointments at once to receive 15% off

*Nutrition plans are calculated at a cheaper cost than separate consultations. These can be run privately or in groups, and further discounts apply if you attend with a friend. Please call or email to discuss options.

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