Lilian Steiner


Lilian Steiner is a professional dancer and choreographer based in Melbourne, working on both independent and company projects (Lucy Guerin Inc. and Phillip Adams’ Balletlab). Through dance, she fell into a deep relationship with Yoga, and each day she finds herself falling deeper and deeper.

After practicing for over 5 years, Lilian’s love for Yoga has led her to become an impassioned teacher. Her classes are strongly informed by her dance practice, bringing in a particular FLUIDITY and CONSCIOUSNESS to movement within Vinyasa practice. From her avid interest in anatomy, Lilian teaches to practice knowledgeably focusing on alignment and safe practice. While working with this thoughtful approach, she also encourages her students to allow the joy of movement, accessing meditation within and through motion. Each of her classes balance physical power with restoration, and are led by the 8 limbs of Yoga for a philosophically informed and holistic approach to the practice of yoga.

Dance has taught Lilian something special: That the body (physical and beyond) is incredibly able, and that we must appreciate its innate desire to be POWERFUL IN ACTION, whether powerfully delicate and precise, or rigorously wild in abandon. She believes that both delicacy and abandon can be experienced within Yoga practice (in body, mind and spirit) and that we should work to deeply understand the full spectrum of experience, learning to apply this knowledge both on the mat and into daily life.

Lilian studied her Vinyasa 200hr RYTT with Ambika Chadwick at The Yoga Social, and continues to absorb the incredibly beautiful multidimensional practice that is Yoga through formal training, the knowledge and experience of her students and her own dedicated practice.

Lilian looks forward to sharing her love for Yoga with you.

“The practice of Yoga brings us face to face with the extraordinary complexity of our own being.” Sri Aurobindo