Jules Jenkinson

Jules Jenkinson Prana House Yoga

The practice of yoga entered my life over ten years ago, ive been fortunate enough to practice and study locally and internationally. My teaching journey started with Amrit Yoga in July of 2012, which gave me grounding, and at same time becoming an accredited teacher and member of Yoga Australia 12 months later.  Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Flow soon followed, providing me with the tools to move gracefully with breath. I acknowledge with gratitude the inspiration and wisdom of my teachers: Julie Gargano, Anahata Giri, and Simon Park. My zest for learning has led me to workshops with Anusara teachers; Noah Maze, Desiree Rumba and international yoga educator Donna Farhi.

A dedicated practitioner and teacher, I share my inspiration of life through an adventure of asana, music and words. Exploring the relationship between the external world, the physical body and the deepest layers of the Self, has improved my quality of life in ways I never dreamed possible. I continue to learn and marvel at the unimagined gifts that yoga brings. Yoga is about relationships. When we practice yoga and reap its many benefits, this has a positive effect on everyone we come into contact with. Teacher to student, student to teacher and beyond.

I am nourished and inspired deeply by my family & friends, students, all animals, the ocean, nature, books, raw foods, all forms of organic and eco-conscious living.