Irina Riquelme

Irina Riquelme

I have a passion for yoga ,performing arts and the magic of children ‘spirits.

I did over 10 years of dancing  and acting.
I ran  a children’s theatrical company for over 4 years and Worked for over 15 as an early childhood educator .

I discovered yoga 20 years ago and had never looked back !

I did my yoga for training with
“Rainbow yoga” one of the world’s leading yoga for kids trainings ,reknown for their philosophy to preserve children ‘s natural sense of expression and curiosity.

By becoming a yoga instructor I truly feel I had  joined my joy for sharing and teaching children to connect  their body to the mind in a meaningful, fun ,artful and soulful form .

In my classes I incorporate music, musical instruments,  dress ups and many props to create joyful  yoga movements and poses.
Children can explore yoga poses by using their imagination and work collaboratlly within the class they form beautiful ,fun and many times challenging yoga sequences.
I create a peaceful end of the class in which children have the opportunity to quieten their.  I believe the earlier they start learning meditation the better they will grow into more wholesome and happy  adolescents and later adults.

The world is for our children to live in so to me teaching children yoga is an honor for I am contributing to a better world with  future adults living happy and well free from suffering and the causes of suffering.