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The Unstoppable Nature Of The Awakened Woman

March 17 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


What does it take to be an awakened woman? It takes ALL OF YOU!

Not just the aspects of self that you can love and justify but the shadowy bits, the dark edges, the vulnerablilities. It’s in the suppressed and neglected elements that your next level of power and freedom lies.

There is a saying “You can only ever be wounded in relation to your greatest gifts.” When a woman claims back her wholeness she awakens a power that is truly unstoppable.

Join me for an enlightening day and experience the joy of getting gritty and real with the incredible woman that you truly are.

This is a day to be wholly free, where all of you is welcome ~ to relax your mind, drop your expectaions of self and witness the incredible woman who naturally rises to the surface.

Throughout the day you will:

*Open your consciousness to a profound new level of awareness

*Develop your intuition and your relationship with your inherent wisdom

*Gain real clarity into the depth of your unique nature versus your illusion of self

*Claim back the power you’ve denied yourself

*Find new freedom

*Experience the joy of being an awakened woman with other powerful and supportive women

About Christian:

Christian has been specializing in creative development, advanced intuitive practices, higher consciousness and the technology of imagination for 25 years. Her greatest joy is in utilizing these skills to turning women on to their own unique brand of magic. Her gift is in the lightness of her honesty, the depth of her wisdom and her ability to go right to the heart of things.

“I love that the deeper we dare to go within ourselves the higher and freer we fly. We truly are limitless.”

Christian currently lives in Los Angeles and travels internationally to run workshops and retreats for womens liberation. In her spare time you’ll find her dancing, getting lost in nature, masturbating and generally finding pleasure in the mischief of life.


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