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Tapping into your Feminine Power

February 17 @ 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

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When was the last time you felt the strength and power of your legs? The sensual power of your hips? The agile movement of your thighs? When was the last time you dropped into the deep force in your belly? Or moved from the creative depth of your womb?

Daily life demands more masculine energy

As technology and life demand more and more of our mental focus and attention, women have become less and less connected to the lower half of our bodies.

The masculine, western world demands that we be strong, independent, focused, strategic, so we can “get shit done” better and faster than anyone else. Our value is often defined by how much we have accomplished and in how little time.

The result is that many of us engage in actives that only involve the upper half of our body. We work on our devices 6-12 hours a day, constantly using our brains to organize, plan, strategize, assess. We narrow our talents in order to be more rational and efficient. We think linearly, so as we check off our to do lists, we are sure we’re making sense.

Disconnection from the lower half of our bodies

As a result, our minds feel contracted and heavy, our shoulders tight, our chests rigid, our arms stiff, our hands tired, and while the upper body is fully engaged, and we mentally feel adrenalized, the lower half of our body is cutoff and neglected.

While we may appear mentally strong, the strength is built on keeping everything together and on track. It only takes a few small things to not go as planned, for it to feel like everything’s falling apart.

Women and their physical strengths

As women, our bodies are designed to receive, create, nourish, sustain, hold, give birth, renew, etc. But too many of our every day activities take us away from our most basic instincts and depth.

This workshop is designed for women who are physically and mentally tired, who wish to tap into a deeper source of energy and remember the physical connection and knowing held in our bodies.

If you are exhausted from focusing, tired from strategizing, and stressed from the overall pressure of getting things done, then this workshop will drop you into the under-utilized physical strength and creative energy that are held in a woman’s body.

The workshop will focus on unlocking the creativity, power, intuition and adaptability that are already present in the lower half of your body.

When you tap into this power on a regular basis…

  • your creative thinking expands, options open up, decisions are easier to make, your focus widens.
  • you fluidly access your intuition.
  • your ability to trust life deepens, regardless of success or failure.
  • you become grounded, clear and wisely unpredictable.
  • your life moves more fluidly and naturally.

In this 3-hour dynamic, movement workshop…

  • You’ll develop a profound connection to your lower body through moving your feet, legs, hips and pelvic areas in various sizes, shapes and rhythms.
  • You’ll deepen this connection through a variety of breathing exercises to the low belly.
  • You’ll access the power of the womb through breath and embodiment practices
  • You’ll become aware of how and when you lose connection to your lower body and how to simply re-connect.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll nourish the deeper energy that sustains us and learn its importance in our everyday choices.

All of the movement training and embodiment practices are designed so you can continue to train and explore on your own, where ever you are.


Early bird: USD $65 (until 20 Jan, 2018)
Regular: USD $85


February 17
1:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Prana House
Level 1 / 885 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3071 Australia
+ Google Map
(03) 9484 5344