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Healing Hurt & Hate

February 18, 2018 @ 9:30 am - 6:00 pm

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When hurt or hate floods our thoughts, mind, body and emotions … we stop trusting the world, we stop trusting ourselves, we stop trusting our future. 


It doesn’t matter who we are, we cannot escape being hurt.

It doesn’t matter if we are a man or a woman, a mother or a father, single or married … if we desire to love and be loved, we will get hurt. Not only by our partners and loved ones, but whenever we care about anyone or any situation, the risk of getting hurt is there.

When our hurt is mixed with a sense of injustice, unfairness or an imbalance of power, it often twists into hate and rage. There is nothing wrong with feeling hurt, hate or rage, they are a natural part of our emotional life. It’s what we do with them that determines whether or not we stay trapped by old wounds and held back by past hurts … or if we find the courage to let go of this old, repetitive story and allow these strong emotions to run their natural course, despite the injustice or unfairness, until they no longer control us.

When we overstay our time in hurt and hate, we create a massive wall of separation between us and others … between us and the world. 

The wounded part of us is painfully disconnected to our sense of joy, wonder and purpose. We can’t see the world clearly. Our sense of judgement is off. We can’t work out whom to trust, what to do, when to do it.  Our ability to feel into what’s true and and real gets distorted through a cloudy lens of pain, hurt and fear.

This inability to see clearly, sometimes leads us to:

  • hurt the people who are ‘innocent’ and love us
  • blame others, the situation and ourselves
  • project our past stories onto others
  • lash out with anger and hate towards people who are weaker than us
  • hold back our love from those people who we actually want to be with
  • expect others to fill the unmet needs of past relationships

How do you know you have overstayed your time with hurt and hate? 

You wake up one morning dissatisfied; you don’t like who you have become, how you behave or where your life is heading. You wake up knowing you’ve lost your sense of play. You’ve lost your sense of joy. Your heart feels full of pain, sorrow and bitterness, and you don’t know where to go from here.

If you are at this point, I want you to know that you are going to be ok. Life gives us these tough emotions so that we can remember what our hearts really want; so we can clear out what is unnecessary and connect back to what is essential and real for us.

Through reconnecting to your body and moving these old, stuck feelings, you will find your heart again; you will find peace, joy and love again.

In this workshop I’ll work with you to connect to your hurt, hate and rage in a steady, well-contained way, so you don’t get overwhelmed and shut down or explode and create a a wake of destruction. We’ll work with these tough emotions in a way that gently opens your curiosity and sensitizes your body, allowing you to trust your ability to let go and feel what unfolds and naturally opens up, as these emotions work through you.

You will learn embodiment techniques and practices that allow you to

  • feel hurt and heartbreak without feeling unloveable or not good enough
  • express hate and hurt without needing to damage another person
  • overcome stories that replay themselves over and over in your mind
  • release rage and hate in a physical, powerful way
  • forgive with your dignity intact
  • let go of the past hurts still have a hold on you

Through movement and deepening our body sensitivity, we can heal these old wounds and release the hate that we’ve wrapped around them. By freeing up the tensions of this struggle, releasing the emotional energy we’ve stored away deep in our bodies, and letting go of the ongoing, angry conversations we have in our minds, we begin to feel like ourselves again. We learn to trust ourselves and remember what we truly want.

From this place of trust and clarity, we can make different, choices, we can engage more fully with life again, we can feel more space in our hearts for whom and what we love, for what brings us joy, for what we wish to commit ourselves to.

My wish for you is that you find the courage to release these old stories and remember you have a great capacity to love and be loved.


Regular: USD $145
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February 18, 2018
9:30 am - 6:00 pm


Prana House
Level 1 / 885 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3071 Australia
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(03) 9484 5344