With Michael Langley


About Michael

Michael is the owner and principal practitioner at Cup of Qi - Cupping Therapy.

He is a qualified advanced cupping therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki, nurse and paramedic. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine).

Michael had a keen interest in entering the health profession from an early age but this was a path that took many years to come to fruition. He relates well to people from many diverse cultures and backgrounds due to his experience in a hospital and paramedic setting. Michael explored many health professions to help overcome repeated chronic injuries. Michael received cupping for relief and restoration and has not looked back since.

Michael has a passion for travelling. He loves exploring new countries with a backpack. During Michael's travels his interest in traditional healing took prime focus, leading to his return to Australia to study Chinese medicine. While completing these studies he also teaches first aid. He strongly believes we all hold the potential to remedy our ailments within us. Michael is a big believer in your own body guiding its way back to 'normality'. He regularly practices Yoga and continues his professional development through ongoing study and healing arts.

Benefits of Cupping

Cupping therapy is highly effective in helping the all types of people, bodies and athletes recover from the strenuous work, physical training and/or general well-being. During daily activities or intensive training, bodies develop micro tears in their muscles and tissues. As these tissues heal, they help boost stamina and performance. However, the stress also leads to a build-up of toxins like cholesterol, calcium deposits, uric acid, and lactic acid in the muscles. If not cleared, these toxins can hamper the healing of the tissues. Cupping can break down the chemical structure of the compounds into simpler forms that can be expelled from the body by natural processes. Cupping is unique because it creates a suction to penetrate further into your muscle layer unlike other techniques.


First Visit (20 minutes) - $20

Flash cupping (20 minutes) - $29

Russian Cupping (30 Minutes) $59

Detox (25 minutes) - $59

Winter Warmer (25 minutes) - $69

Sports Cupping (Management + Hip opener (25 - 35minutes) - $49-59

Cellulite Reduction - (20 minutes) - $48     

Consultation + Treatment - (1 Hour) - Initial $99 (Sequential sessions)  45 minutes - $75

Bundle Pack - (Pick any three of the following;

Russian Cupping, Detox,

Winter Warmer) - $139

Couples Session - $60

Every Prana house member can enjoy 20% off treatments when they present their membership.

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M: 0402 236 480