Albee Barton is a graduate of the esteemed Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance as a qualified Creative Dance and Children’s Yoga Teacher. She believes in the power of movement to connect the mind, body and soul and that dance should be a completely inclusive process for all to enjoy.

Albee’s personal goal is to find a balance between exercise and art, meditation and action. As a nature and animal lover, she strives to live a life full of kindness and compassion for all walks of life and hopes to translate this philosophy into both her personal life and her role here at Prana House.

A keen sense of wonder and belief in the impossible are qualities Tracy has brought with her from childhood. Times spent pondering life’s mystery – along with a vivid imagination – led Tracy to believe objects could be moved simply by the power of one’s mind; and she wondered why this feat could never be accomplished. Her keen imagination was accompanied by a great sensitivity, which led Tracy to express her thoughts and feelings through art; and in 1998 she graduated with a bachelor degree in painting. While art played a significant therapeutic role in formative years, a strong interest in the healing art of massage – along with a desire to help others – led Tracy to complete a diploma of remedial massage in 2006.

Tracy’s awareness of the body’s subtle energy fields developed while working as a massage therapist for 10 years; igniting her interest in metaphysical healing. An experience on a tram confirmed to her the possibility of this type of healing. Sitting opposite a man, who – appearing homeless – had been writhing and squirming in his seat – unable to sit still. Tempted to move, Tracy empathised with this man who was clearly in the grasp of a nerve condition. Drawing inspiration from a colour therapy book she was reading, Tracy closed her eyes, and imagined an indigo light beaming towards his forehead. Within moments the persistent writhing and squirming stopped, and the man, whose eyes had been closed the whole time, suddenly opened them placing his hand out towards Tracy – and together they shook hands in a heartfelt gesture of appreciation.

At the end of 2016 an article in Living Now magazine caught Tracy’s attention. By January, she was enrolled to learn a new healing modality called Tesla Metamorphosis – and has not looked back.

Expressing her heart through her hands is something Tracy feels very drawn to do. She is here to join you – as a healing facilitator – on your healing journey.


To find out more about Tracy’s offering at Prana House, see Tesla Metamorphosis

Karlie is a passionate healer who has worked with a variety of clients over the years. Her career started in public health where she worked in a number of departments in Victorian hospitals for the past ten years. She knew that she always wanted to help others but had not yet found the right path. She volunteered at the aboriginal literacy foundation tutoring young kids who struggled with school, as well as at an Aged care facility as a companion. After a few years working in public health she started to follow what inspired her which led her down a path of spiritual healing and development. Over the last few years she has attended a number of festivals including the Mind Body Spirit festival, Soul Star ‘the journey’ and the Boho Luxe Glamping Market as a practitioner and tarot reader. She uses a multitude of healing modalities and experience in order to deliver the best possible treatment and outcome to her clients, approaching every session with compassion and an open and loving heart. Karlie connects with her clients with ease making them feel comfortable and safe during their treatments.

Karlie’s journey as a healer started not long after learning Reiki. Her passion for Reiki continued and lead her to teach Reiki, helping others progress on their own spiritual journey.

Cindy began her own personal journey of self-improvement when she joined the McGuire Programme, a course for people who stutter, facilitated by people who stutter. She saw that by taking action and facing her fears such as public speaking, that it was possible to build her confidence and create a life of purpose. A by-product of the course was Cindy finding her passion – to help others through life challenges. She’d volunteer as a coach and course instructor on the McGuire Programme for the next five years. Cindy has given presentations on her journey to self-confidence, at different clubs including Lions Clubs and Toastmasters Clubs and has been a member of Speakers Bank, Victoria.

Cindy discovered the well-known book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and was approved by the book’s author, Susan Jeffers PhD, to facilitate Fear Busting 101 Workshops in Australia, further building her confidence whilst helping others to overcome their fears. Cindy is also a Certified and Licensed Louise Hay, Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, and is passionate about teaching others about the differences between conventional talk therapy and energy healing and how these can complement one another.

Cindy practices Transcendental Meditation daily and loves to practice Bikram Yoga as often as she can. Her utmost mission in life is to assist her clients to achieve a new way of living, being and thriving in the present and beyond, by assisting them to release emotional ties to negative experiences.

To find out more about  Cindy’s offering at Prana House, see Pellowah Healing, Reiki, Angel Intuitive Readings

Eleni is a qualified Social Worker and has twenty years experience in this profession. She worked in the community sector for ten years providing both counselling and therapeutic/psycho-education groups to women, families and young people before moving into private practice.

Eleni’s counselling approach is informed by psychodynamic theory, family systems theory, attachment theory, trauma-informed, strength-based practices, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and family constellation work.

As a qualified yoga teacher and practitioner Eleni is also able to draw on yoga’s wisdom in counselling session and provide spiritual coaching for those that might be interested in exploring this.

To find out more about  Eleni’s offering at Prana House, see Counselling, Family Constellations, Private Yoga for Trauma
Loren is a passionate problem solving therapist who believes massage is about far more than the out-dated ‘deep tissue’ ‘no pain no gain’, ‘massage therapist are all secret sadists’ approach. Her fresh approach is tailored, whole person, and driven by curiosity. Clients comment frequently that they have never had a massage quite like hers before. She uses a range of cutting edge and classic remedial techniques with a few relaxing spa treats to get great results and help clients feel better, cared for and more relaxed. She has experience with a breadth of conditions, but has developed particular interest in postural correction, headache management and jaw problems.
Loren is a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist (Diploma, Southern School of Natural Therapy), a proud member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia and is registered with all the major health insurance funds.
To find out more about Loren’s offering at Prana House, see Remedial Massage.


Mirjana (aka MJ) loves to be thorough when going into patient health history and to establish the full picture including the root cause of health conditions. She dedicates spending quality one on one time with each person and creating authentic heart centred connections with each of her patients. Rest assured her acupuncture technique is gentle and you may find yourself walking out feeling relaxed and calm.

MJ works predominantly with women and has many years experiences helping them find improvement and embracing their menstrual health. She also has a special interest in working with female patients who are seeking solutions and need relief from acne, eczema and other frustrating skin ailments, also any one who would prefer a more holistic approach to graceful aging.

She’s an experienced and qualified Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. When she is not in practice MJ enjoys listening to podcasts, attending seminars, nature walks and tribal fusion belly dance.

To find out more about Mirjana’s offering at Prana House, see Acupuncture

Matt is the founder of Happy and Healthy Relationships, and creator of the 7 step R.E.B.U.I.L.D. relationship coaching program for couples, and 5 step D.R.E.A.M.program for singles. He was inspired to become a relationship coach after the devastating demise of his 14 year marriage, which led him on a journey to discover what makes a successful relationship, and why so many marriages fail. Extensive research, training, and soul searching led Matt to a deep understanding of what makes relationships work, and how with the proper guidance almost every relationship can not only be revived, but can flourish into something better than ever before. Today Matt is a relationship expert who has developed proven strategies that will show you that you can revitalise your current relationship, or create a wonderful new one, and will assist and guide you in your quest to have the truly vibrant and joyous relationship that you deserve. Matt believes so strongly in the ability of people to rediscover their love and passion that he offers a 100% money back guarantee!

Matt is a qualified Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. He also runs a divorce support meetup group to provide a forum for people trying to deal with the devastation of a broken relationship. He has a very gentle, easy going manner, and is passionate about helping people to live a wholehearted and abundant life.

To find out more about Matt’s offering at Prana House, see Relationship Coaching.

Georgina Papageorgiou is a well-established, ethical and passionate Beauty Therapist who genuinely cares for and nurtures her clients. Her main focus is the well-being of her clients and she offers a variety of Traditional Beauty Services and Well-Being Treatments to support every client’s unique mind, body and spirit.

To find out more about Georgina’s offering at Prana House, see Precious Beauty.

Prana house is an amazing space to hold and share beautiful music and resonant sound; Sue started a women’s singing group here four years ago to nourish the body and spirit through song and chants in a warm and supportive environment.

Initially trained and lectured in improvisation at the VCA, over twenty years ago she co-founded, with Lisa Young, a vocal/percussion group named Coco’s Lunch with a desire to find other women with whom to create original songs and explore the voice in new ways. Over this time Coco’s Lunch has produced seven CDs of original songs for adults and children, receiving awards and standing ovations world-wide.

“One of the most mesmerising songs in Coco’s Lunch’s repertoire is a composition by Sue Johnson called Sister, My Sister. It’s an exquisitely simple, hymn-like piece – a prayer for compassion, support and understanding ….. part lullaby, part prayer, part celebration of the human voice.” – The Age, Jessica Nicholas

Contact Sue to register interest in this group or other groups/workshops she will be starting soon.