Bronwyn has a deep passion for natural health and wellness. In 2015, she decided to pursue this passion and changed careers to study Kinesiology. Prior to joining Prana House, Bronwyn worked for a variety of hotels and private businesses in event and operations management. She holds qualifications in marketing, tourism and small business.

Bron is now a fully certified Kinesiologist and continues to develop and enhance her skills in the wellness industry. She recently commenced studies toward a Holistic Counselling diploma.

Originally from New Zealand, Bronwyn has called Melbourne home for the past eight years. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, connecting with nature, and watching movies & documentaries.

Cindy began her own personal journey of self-improvement when she joined the McGuire Programme, a course for people who stutter, facilitated by people who stutter. She saw that by taking action and facing her fears such as public speaking, that it was possible to build her confidence and create a life of purpose. A by-product of the course was Cindy finding her passion – to help others through life challenges. She’d volunteer as a coach and course instructor on the McGuire Programme for the next five years. Cindy has given presentations on her journey to self-confidence, at different clubs including Lions Clubs and Toastmasters Clubs and has been a member of Speakers Bank, Victoria.

Cindy discovered the well-known book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and was approved by the book’s author, Susan Jeffers PhD, to facilitate Fear Busting 101 Workshops in Australia, further building her confidence whilst helping others to overcome their fears. Cindy is also a Certified and Licensed Louise Hay, Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, and is passionate about teaching others about the differences between conventional talk therapy and energy healing and how these can complement one another.

Cindy practices Transcendental Meditation daily and loves to practice Bikram Yoga as often as she can. Her utmost mission in life is to assist her clients to achieve a new way of living, being and thriving in the present and beyond, by assisting them to release emotional ties to negative experiences.

To find out more about  Cindy’s offering at Prana House, see Pellowah Healing, Reiki, Angel Intuitive Readings

Eleni is a qualified Social Worker and has twenty years experience in this profession. She worked in the community sector for ten years providing both counselling and therapeutic/psycho-education groups to women, families and young people before moving into private practice.

Eleni’s counselling approach is informed by psychodynamic theory, family systems theory, attachment theory, trauma-informed, strength-based practices, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and family constellation work.

As a qualified yoga teacher and practitioner Eleni is also able to draw on yoga’s wisdom in counselling session and provide spiritual coaching for those that might be interested in exploring this.

To find out more about  Eleni’s offering at Prana House, see Counselling, Family Constellations, Private Yoga for Trauma

Dominique is a qualified remedial massage therapist who has spent the last three years working in allied health. Having trained experience in the industry as well as a background in community health, Dominique has a unique approach to every client that’s lead with compassion and understanding.

Dominique also has a special interest in working with client’s who have issues with mental health, CFS, Fybromyalgia and chronic pain management and also offers a safe and non-judgemental space for trans and gender diverse clients seeking treatment.

To find out more about  Dominique’s offering at Prana House, see Remedial Massage

Roberta is a highly intuitive and experienced Reiki healer. It is through her own personal journey and life’s obstacles where she was able to find peace and clarity through this ancient healing method. Roberta enjoys nothing more than to share Reiki energy with others. Working with vibrational frequencies and her spirit guides, each session offers a unique and personal experience.

Roberta also offers guided gypsy card readings upon request.

To find out more about  Roberta’s offering at Prana House, see Reiki & Guided Healing.

Caroline is a naturopath with a special interest in women’s health and digestive issues.

She has been in private practice for over 5 years, including several years in rural Victoria (Woodend). She also spent two years as the resident naturopath at a rehabilitation centre near Dalesford, treating patients with an array of mental health issues.

Caroline will listen, and work with you to develop an achievable treatment plan, encouraging you along the way. Simple and gradual changes to diet, lifestyle and habits, along with individualised herbal and/or nutritional supplements, will allow you to reach your full potential, both physically and emotionally. She is used to working alongside other health professionals (e.g. GPs, psychologists, osteopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers) for best patient outcomes.

Caroline is also a qualified Bowen therapist. Bowen Therapy can reduce pain, relieve stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation. As such it is a great adjunct to naturopathy.

To find out more about  Caroline’s offering at Prana House, see Naturopathy & Bowen Therapy

Monica is an experienced Reiki practitioner, gifted with natural healing ability and a calming nature. With her gentle touch and strong relationship with the angels, Monica was led to a healers path. She was drawn to Reiki as a means to channel healing energy to others. Monica also works with her guides and pure intention to offer a unique and personal healing experience.

To find out more about Monica’s offering at Prana House, see Reiki & Guided Healing.

Michael is the owner and principal practitioner at Cup of Qi – Cupping Therapy. He is a qualified advanced cupping therapist, yoga teacher, Reiki, nurse and paramedic. He is currently finishing his Bachelor of Health Science (Chinese Medicine).

Michael had a keen interest in entering the health profession from an early age but this was a path that took many years to come to fruition. He relates well to people from many diverse cultures and backgrounds due to his experience in a hospital and paramedic setting. Michael explored many health professions to help overcome repeated chronic injuries. Michael received cupping for relief and restoration and has not looked back since.

Michael has a passion for travelling. He loves exploring new countries with a backpack. During Michael’s travels his interest in traditional healing took prime focus, leading to his return to Australia to study Chinese medicine. While completing these studies he also teaches first aid. He strongly believes we all hold the potential to remedy our ailments within us. Michael is a big believer in your own body guiding its way back to & “normality”. He regularly practices Yoga and continues his professional development through ongoing study and healing arts.

To find out more about  Michael’s offering at Prana House, see Cupping

“I spent many years in high stress positions in the corporate and non for profit sectors, before being introduced to this wonderful modality in 2012, when unwell with Chronic Fatigue, unexplained hair loss, depression and anxiety, weight gain and overall lack of vital life energy.

I worked with a wonderful Kinesiologist who helped explore underlaying causes of my dis-ease, clearing decades of unprocessed emotional and physical stress. Through our work, I gained a better understanding of myself and my values helping me establish my physical, emotional, mental and energetic boundaries and feel more grounded.

During that time, I gained the courage to acknowledge and accept my own psychic and mediumship abilities which cemented my decision to study Kinesiology to use these skills to help others achieve their highest potential.

Guided by muscle testing, I also intuitively “read” your energy and being to identify often hidden root causes of a dis-ease or blockages and assist with bringing your awareness to them to help with clearing.”

To find out more about Zena’s offering at Prana House, see Kinesiology.

Matt is the founder of Happy and Healthy Relationships, and creator of the 7 step R.E.B.U.I.L.D. relationship coaching program for couples, and 5 step D.R.E.A.M.program for singles. He was inspired to become a relationship coach after the devastating demise of his 14 year marriage, which led him on a journey to discover what makes a successful relationship, and why so many marriages fail. Extensive research, training, and soul searching led Matt to a deep understanding of what makes relationships work, and how with the proper guidance almost every relationship can not only be revived, but can flourish into something better than ever before. Today Matt is a relationship expert who has developed proven strategies that will show you that you can revitalise your current relationship, or create a wonderful new one, and will assist and guide you in your quest to have the truly vibrant and joyous relationship that you deserve. Matt believes so strongly in the ability of people to rediscover their love and passion that he offers a 100% money back guarantee!

Matt is a qualified Master Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, and Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. He also runs a divorce support meetup group to provide a forum for people trying to deal with the devastation of a broken relationship. He has a very gentle, easy going manner, and is passionate about helping people to live a wholehearted and abundant life.

To find out more about Matt’s offering at Prana House, see Relationship Coaching.