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New to Prana House? Try our amazing intro offer of $25 for 14 days of unlimited casual yoga or our latest option $99 for 1 month of unlimited casual classes.
Once you've experienced our quality classes and teachers, we have a variety of membership options as well as 10 class and drop-in passes.
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14-Day Intro Pass * New Students Only
1 Month Intro Pass *New Students Only
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$22.85 p/w
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$39 p/w
1 Month Membership Prepaid
$47 p/w
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5-Class Pass *Valid for 2 months
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Casual Classes are suitable for students who require flexibility in their schedule. All levels of experience are welcome however beginner students are encouraged to start with a 10 week Beginner Yoga Course. Our classes incorporate dynamic postures, mindful awareness, meditation, breath-work & energetic connection.

Pranaa Yoga

Dynamic & Conscious : Pranaa Yoga is a creative, subtle and fluid practice which can challenge your ability to both move with power and intensity and yet still remain soft, receptive & fully present to the moment. The combination of held supported poses & slow flowing sequences keeps the practice adaptable and balanced in its approach. It draws on alignment, breath work and energy awareness with a spiritual philosophy which is delicately woven throughout & underpins the essence of the practice. Julie Gargano is the creator of Pranaa Yoga bringing together her 20 plus years of dedicated in-depth study of yoga, dance, meditation, energy healing & philosophy.

Yoga Nidra

Enter the zero stress zone with Yoga Nidra, a sleep-based meditation technique. Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice, popularly re-emerging, and considered as the new yoga!
Let yourself be effortlessly guided into profound relaxation where
mind-body benefits such as health, sleep and mental balance are experienced. It is a unique combination of alert awareness and deep relaxation where you are empowered to eliminate unconscious obstructions and energetic blocks that prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Yoga Nidra enables you to realize your intentions and achieve an integrated state in which your body moves towards self-healing by immersing your brain in the healing rhythms of the alpha state.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is invigorating & dynamic offering creative sequencing of yoga poses with breath-synchronized movements. These smoothly flowing movements are dancer like and you will work through a series of sun salutations, inversions, back bends and peak poses. Teachers will offer gentle or dynamic and challenging options and so is suitable for all levels. Yoga experience recommended but not necessary.

Pranaa Restore

Restorative, nourishing and grounding. Pranaa Restore offers a range of fluid, soft movements to create spaciousness, awareness and focus. This practice draws on gentle flow, alignment techniques, breath work and energy awareness which will all help to restore the sublime Prana (energy) back to the body and mind.

Amrit Yoga

Amrit Yoga meditation in motion is a combination of Hatha Yoga  & Raja Yoga as a means to integrate action and non-action. Through deliberate action in time and space one moves into a Presence where all doing disappears; where the doer and the action become one. From this state of unity – this state of authentic yoga – life becomes an effortless flow. Amrit Yoga connects you with the ancient roots and fundamental principles that are at the core of all branches of yoga. It is a non-aggressive, non-competitive and non-mental response to the wisdom of our vital life force, Prana. Pioneered in Australia from the USA by Julie Gargano in 2005.

Yin Yoga

Our Yin yoga classes are nourishing and grounding, with poses held between 3 to 8 minutes each with a focus on floor based postures. This allows a deep release of tension in the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons and fascia) to help improve flexibility and create a feeling of space and freedom in your body. Because of its slow, meditative nature, Yin can be both mentally and physically challenging at times as well as deeply relaxing. Savor this precious opportunity to soften into surrender and passivity. Suitable for all levels, and a perfect compliment to your Vinyasa practice.

Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow is a traditional breath guided practice that is both dynamic and gentle. Suitable for all levels, this nourishing journey activates vital energy and deeply nurtures body and mind. Flowing sequences combined with held postures and conscious breath awareness leaves a vibrant feeling of intimacy with life. Each class moves naturally from flowing asana into deep rest to breath practices and finally surrendering into stillness.

Slow Flow
Our slow flow classes comprise of slow flowing rhythmic postures, breathing and meditation. Longer holds and slower transitions that will develop stamina, strength, body awareness and key alignment points. This class is suitable for beginners and the advanced student wanting a deeper practice.

Pranaa Vinyasa
Invigorating & dynamic, offering creative sequencing of yoga poses with breath-synchronized movements with the meditative awareness that is at the heart of each and every Pranaa Yoga class. These smoothly flowing movements are dancer-like and you will work through a series of sun salutations, inversions, back bends and peak poses, pausing for third-eye integration and to reconnect the body and mind. Teachers offer gentle or dynamic and challenging options and so Pranaa Vinyasa suitable for all levels. Yoga experience recommended but not necessary.