Caroline Lhuer

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Caroline is a naturopath with a special interest in mental health and digestive problems, as well as general health issues (e.g. immune, hormonal, thyroid).

She has been in private practice for over 5 years, mostly in rural Victoria (Woodend). For the past two years she was also the resident naturopath at a rehabilitation centre near Daylesford, treating patients with an array of mental health issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, burnout, addiction, eating disorders, bipolar disorder).

Caroline will listen, and work with you to develop an achievable treatment plan, encouraging you along the way. Simple and gradual changes to diet, lifestyle and habits, along with individualised herbal and/or nutritional supplements, will allow you to reach your full potential, both physically and emotionally. She is used to working alongside other health professionals (e.g. GPs, psychologists, osteopaths, chiropractors, personal trainers) for best patient outcomes.

Caroline is also a qualified Bowen therapist. Bowen Therapy can reduce pain, relieve stress and brings a deep sense of relaxation. As such it is a great adjunct to naturopathy.

To find out more about  Caroline’s offering at Prana House, see Naturopathy & Bowen Therapy