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About Cindy

Cindy began her own personal journey of self-improvement when she joined the McGuire Programme, a course for people who stutter, facilitated by people who stutter. She saw that by taking action and facing her fears such as public speaking, that it was possible to build her confidence and create a life of purpose. A by-product of the course was Cindy finding her passion -to help others through life challenges. She'd volunteer as a coach and course instructor on the McGuire Programme for the next five years. Cindy has given presentations on her journey to self-confidence, at different clubs including Lions Clubs and Toastmasters Clubs and has been a member of Speakers Bank, Victoria.

Cindy discovered the well-known book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and was approved by the book’s author, Susan Jeffers PhD, to facilitate Fear Busting 101 Workshops in Australia, further building her confidence whilst helping others to overcome their fears. Cindy is also a Certified and Licensed Louise Hay, Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, and is passionate about teaching others about the differences between conventional talk therapy and energy healing and how these can complement one another.

Cindy practices Transcendental Meditation daily and loves to practice Bikram Yoga as often as she can. Her utmost mission in life is to assist her clients to achieve a new way of living, being and thriving in the present and beyond, by assisting them to release emotional ties to negative experiences.

Angel Intuitive Readings

Angel Cards are used as a tool to give guidance about one or more areas of your life that is relevant to you in the present. Rather than “fortune-telling”, Angel Intuitive Readings offer guidance including insights to self, emotional blockages and steps to overcome barriers to happiness and fulfilment. The client can have one or more questions answered or simply be willing to see what guidance comes through for them in the moment, with no specific question required.


Bachelor of Social Science Degree
Psychology Honours Degree
Diploma of Life Coaching
Reiki Healing Levels I & II – Practitioner Level
Pellowah Healing Levels I & II – Practitioner Level
Certified and Licensed Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop Facilitator


Pellowah Healing – 75 minutes $120
Reiki Healing – 75 minutes $120
Angel Intuitive Reading – 30 minutes $50
Pellowah or Reiki Healing & Angel Intuitive Reading – 90 minutes $140



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