Andrew Mournehis


Andrew Mournehis has come from a diverse Yoga background and teaches a combination of Hatha, Bhakti and TantraYoga. His Creative, Joyful and Heart-filled teaching strengthens the body, and soothes and clears the mind, whilst enlivening and enriching the Spirit through both Postural and Universal Alignment*. His unique teaching style is imbued with Heart and Soul and is rich in Tantric Philosophy. His classes are filled with Inspiration, Story telling, Mantra and the Spirit of the Divine.

His further interests extend into exploring human energetics, human potential and power, and how to discover your true Life Purpose (Dharma).

Andrew is Creative Director of “Divine Grace”, and is assessment coordinator and lecturer at the Academy of Yoga Learning at the CAE in Melbourne. He is also passionate about helping others to discover their greatest potential through the practice of Yoga.

Andrew has been teaching in Melbourne for 11 years, and is a dedicated and devoted yoga student and teacher…in fact an Eternal student. He is currently training in the illuminating, uplifting and celebratory path of Anusara Yoga. After following many different styles of both Hatha and Bhakti Yoga for 14 years, he is currently on the path towards certification in the Anusara Yoga style.

He sends Blessings and Gratitude to his many teachers…in particular Govinda, Margaret Lynch, Chris Chavez, Marc st Pierre, BJ Galvan, Desiree Rumbagh (for introducing him to Anusara…”bless you”) …and Eternal Love to John Friend …for His BRILLIANCE and GRACE.